Objective, Content and Guides


Induction Objective, Content and Guides

The objective of the AIT Induction was to inform and familiarise students on the AIT Operating System to include detail on:

  • Student ID Card
  • Website
  • Academic Calendar
  • Course/Programme Manuals
  • Timetable/Saturday lectures
  • Assignments Policies/Plagiarism Policies/Student Handbook
  • Examinations/Deferrals/Disabilities/Student Services
  • Software; MS Office, Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Onedrive
  • Parking/Clamping
  • General Student Area; Online Supports – How to do it all
  • E-mail/Moodle/Turnitin – (upload/download, assignment)
  • Library – Online Access

To access materials distributed and AIT Student Quick Start Guides please click on the link below:

Quick Start Guides and Other Relevant Documentation

To access recordings of the two induction sessions on 21st September 2019 please click on the link below:

Induction Recordings – Links